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I think, wow, what a set up for failure. Being sure of something is one of the most sure-fire ways I know to get it wrong.

But it is pretty gutting sometimes. So what if we left more room for doubt? Gave it a little space, instead of fighting tooth and nail and failing? It may also ask you to speak up, or it might just suggest that you take the backseat. Whichever it is, scroll through to read your monthly horoscope. Getty Images. Use your words this month, Aries.

With your mouth! From September 13 through the 20, Mercury will be opposite your decan. This can lead to anxiety, stress or confusion as this celestial movement increases the energy surrounding you. So stay the course and use your words. Ur gonna be fiiiiiiineeee. This month is interesting for you, Taurus. On the one hand, Mercury conjunct Venus will bring you social clarity and a burst of extraversion, but it can also lead to judgement from others.

This month is supposed to bring some balance and harmony into your life. Speaking as a Gemini —I really hope so. September 22 to October 4 will have the Sun trine your decan, so take that time to use your positivity and drive to your best advantage. Give someone else a chance to speak, and you might be surprised at what you discover about the world and yourself.

The end of this month may bring some anxiety and restless energy as the Sun quincunx Uranus on September The good news is, the rest of the month is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself by venturing outside your home and comfort zone.

Cancer Decan 3 Horoscope 12222

Get a little uncomfortable, Cancer. Be willing to feel awkward in a room full of well-meaning people. It will make you appreciate your free time even more. Discomfort is temporary. As one of the more hospitable signs , abundance is something that comes naturally to you.

This month, make a concentrated effort to be kind to yourself and notice all of the good things in your life. You can keep a gratitude journal or a thankful binder or whatever arts and crafts get your motor running. Saying yes to others is not required. In fact, Virgo, your generous and loyal heart could even be encouraged to say no more.

Your October Monthly Horoscope

Maybe you want to paint your nails or look at videos of people decorating hamster cages. Point is, saying no is good and healthy.

The more you say it, the easier it gets. Say it with me now: No, thank you. September is a good-ass month for you, Libra. These were areas that were up in the air, changeable, and erratic, but also opportunities for new insights and excitement. Going forward, these things are stabilizing and settling down.

For some, this means settling on a course of study after a lengthy period of uncertainty. Now, Uranus is transiting your sector of home and family starting in March , and these are areas of some upheaval. Moving may happen, and it can be a relatively sudden thing for some. Others are seeking a change within their homes or with their living conditions and there can be much activity in the domestic environment. This influence stirs up quite a bit in the psyche, too, and Aquarians will find a lot is going on psychologically in and beyond.

This is particularly prominent from with a strong emphasis on your solar twelfth house reinforcing the focus on your inner dynamics. This can be a revealing although often quite private time in your life.

Money & Career

Your intimate world gets a boost from the last week of August to well into September. At the same time, eclipses and the North Node point to an important period for improving your habits, schedules, and work or health routines. See also: Aquarius Preview Horoscope. Jupiter square Neptune from January to September. We are looking for a new source of inspiration, but we have the tendency to latch onto impractical dreams or plans to remedy the situation.

For you, funding your projects may be in question, you may be struggling with defining your goals and plans, or there may be misjudgments related to your social life. Saturn sextile Neptune from January to November. Monthly bitatygenmei.mlr 2019.

This reinforcing aspect helps ground you. Focusing on handling outstanding or unresolved issues in your life can boost your sense of security, feelings of self-worth, and your money situation. This is a fine period for balancing your attention to the material world with your focus on emotional renewal and spiritual fulfillment.

Difficulties are possible related to hanging on to old hurts, resentment, habits, and unresolved matters that are preventing you from growing, improving, and thriving. Uranus trine Jupiter in December. This happens near the end of the year in Earth signs. In your solar chart, we find Earth signs in your emotional sectors, and this boost comes to your inner world, intimate life, family, and home. Venus conjunct Jupiter — twice! On January 22 and November 24th…and this happens in your friendship sector both times, making this a special time for connecting with friends or networks.

Mars conjunct Uranus in late Aries on February This occurs shortly before Uranus leaves the sign of Aries for good, making it a powerful time for exciting developments with studies, communications, siblings, and learning. Now that Uranus, your ruler, is consistently in the sign of Taurus, these transits can get the ball rolling with change and progress in your personal life, with family, or in the home. Sun conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn December th. An opportunity period for your private life, emotional or inner world. Falls in between Saturn and Pluto, so we could feel a little caged in, blocked, or stuck, as much as we want to start fresh, while a sextile to Neptune helps or serves as an alternative outlet.

For Aquarius, this is a private, secret, or unresolved matter. In the first degree of Leo. This is the final eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius set — we release something and move on. It comes at the time of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction that makes this release especially sweet. This can be a final push towards more independence or towards a serious relationship, whichever this set about personal independence and one-to-one relationships has meant to you or been about for you.

There can be a release or culmination of a matter along these lines. Aligned with Mercury, sextile Jupiter. Everything is direct! For Aquarius, this is your personal new beginning! In the first degree of Virgo. Trine Mars and Uranus. This is an eyes-wide-open time regarding an intimate, financial, ownership, or dependency matter for you, Aquarius. Aligned with Neptune quite tightly within a degree , sextile Saturn, sextile Mars, widely square Jupiter. This New Moon is powerful for intuition, particularly regarding your finances, income, personal resources, valuables, and self-worth.

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Matters of comfort, security, usefulness, respect, and stability are subject to new beginnings. For Aquarius, this is about a communications, learning, educational, travel, attitude, outlook, or publishing matter coming to full bloom, which sets you on a new, fresh path. A new beginning regarding learning, sharing, ideas, mental outlook, communications, transportation, personal interests, and daily life for Aquarius. This is the second Full Moon in Libra. The first one happened in the first degree of the sign on March 20th, and this one occurs in its last degree.

The Sun is heading towards an alignment with Uranus in Taurus. More mental excitement along with powerful realizations about your projects and ideas for Aquarius. Bowl pattern with Mars opposite Jupiter as its rim. This New Moon is trine Saturn and sextile Neptune. For you, Aquarius, there can be an important realization about your work, true calling, business, career, reputation, or true feelings about the direction your life is taking. Listen to your intuition about a matter, even if it comes on suddenly now. There is a sense of excitement and progress that spurs you on and encourages you to reach for the stars.

This New Moon is about starting fresh on a creative level, regarding a romantic relationship or happiness pursuit, or about a hobby. This may sprout from a small letdown or disappointment. There is a sense of moving forward with your work or health that spurs you on, although the wheels may not start turning on this latter matter until after the New Moon on July 2nd.